Wedding menu - Set 1 - La Rossa - Lounge Bar & Restaurant

Soup (choose one)

  • broth with the base of chicken, beef and duck meat/baby carrot/fresh parsley
  • parsley and coconut milk cream soup/parsley olive oil/Tabasco/garlic croutons
  • forest mushrooms cream soup/sour cream/puff pastry croutons/dill

Main dish (2 pieces of meat a person)

  • traditional “pork chop” in crunchy breadcrumbs
  • classic Silesian beef roulade
  • marinated roast chicken sticks
  • côtelette de volaille with butter and green parsley
  • juicy roast pork stuffed with leek

Side dishes

  • potatoes (potato purée)/Silesian gnocchi type potato dumplings/fried potato pieces

Raw vegetable salads

  • raw white cabbage salad/grated beetroot salad/raw red cabbage and bacon salad/fresh cucumbers salad

Sauces (choose one)

  • beef gravy sauce
  • boletus mushroom sauce with rosemary

Dessert (choose one)

  • creamy ice cream/peach mousse/butter edible soil/whipped cream/”Blue Curacao”
  • vanilla and orange panna cotta/raspberry sauce with thyme/crisp chocolate cake
  • gluten-free chocolate brownie/ fudge sauce/roast apples with cinnamon and honey

Cold platter

  • assorted homemade cured meat and pâtés/traditional vegetable salad/curry chicken, penne pasta and red bean salad/browned fish in bell pepper and tomato marinade/marinated herring served with onion in cream/chicken and vegetable chaudfroids with apple vinegar/roast porkneck in aspic

Dinner 1 (choose one)

  • boiled poultry rolade stuffed with dried tomatoes/dill and caper sauce/homemade French fries/assorted lettuces with classic lemon and honey dressing
  • roast pork loin marinated in crushed peppercorns/chantarelle mushrooms and white wine sauce/creamy pearl barley risotto with Paris carrot and green parsley
  • pork shoulder long stewed in the beer and mustard marinade/fried potato balls/sauerkraut and red onion raw salad

Dinner 2 (choose one)

  • roast ham carved in front of the wedding guests/stewed cabbage with bacon, dried mushrooms and dill/a chunk of homemade bread
  • shashlik with chicken, bacon and fresh bell pepper/jasmine rice with peas/Chinese cabage, raw tomato and corn salad
  • pork roulade stuffed with carmelised bacon and nigella/cream and rosemary sauce/spinach gnocchi/corn lettuce with basil olive oil

Dinner 3 (choose one)

  • smoked bacon taste red beetroot soup/meat croquette in crunchy breadcrumbs
  • smoked bacon taste red beetroot soup/puff pastry patty with meat
  • sour rye soup on the rye leaven base/homemade Bavarian sausage/
    a chunk of homemade bread
  • beef Stroganoff with fresh bell pepper and champignon mushrooms/sour cream/dill

Additionally paid services:

*wine, beer, bar alcohol

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