Salads - La Rossa - Lounge Bar & Restaurant

Oriental salad – 29zł

  • corn lettuce/tempura battered shrimps/Mozzarella cheese/cherry tomatoes/takuan/sesame oil, lemon grass and scallion sauce/yeast finger roll

Sea salad – 29zł

  • roast salmon fillet pieces/rucola lettuce/corn lettuce/black olives/avocado/red onion/pumpkin seeds/capers/cherry tomatoes/Grana Padano cheese/Konik charlock and honey cream and Balsamic vinegar sauce/yeast finger roll

La Rossa salad – 28zł

  • rucola lettuce/ fried shrimps with green parsley and garlic/Mozzarella cheese/cherry tomatoes/Grana Padano cheese/ bell pepper olive oil/ yeast finger roll

Rustic salad – 27zł

  • corn lettuce/grilled chicken fillet/Gorgonzola cheese/cherry tomatoes/ scallion/ bell pepper olive oil and honey sauce/yeast finger roll

Cesar salad – 27zł

  • romaine lettuce/ chicken fillet pieces stewed with curry/ bell pepper croutons/cherry tomatoes/ bell pepper olive oil and honey sauce/garlic, mayonnaise and dill sauce/ yeast finger roll


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